Welcome to the Design of Materials on Computers Lab 
led by Prof. Chris Bartel



We are a computational research group that applies first-principles quantum chemical calculations and data-driven approaches to design and discover inorganic materials for energy conversion and storage applications (batteries, photovoltaics, catalysts, ceramics, quantum materials, and more). Our group leverages expertise in ab initio thermodynamics, solid-state chemistry, and machine learning to predict material properties and guide phase transformations that enable the synthesis of compelling materials.

Our group believes that teamwork is essential to successful science and is devoted to the mentorship of the next generation of scientists and engineers. We are particularly interested in enabling careers in science and engineering for those coming from backgrounds that have been historically excluded from these disciplines. Our goals can be succinctly summarized as: 1) make a difference in the fight to mitigate the effects of climate change and 2) multiply our impact by helping everyone in our group realize their potential wherever they go after CEMS.

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logo for the Bartel Research Group, crystal structure over binary